TrichoSMART Reusable Supplement Bottle

Our TrichoSMART reusable bottle is sustainably made from a combination of Borosilicate glass for added strength and a combination aluminum and bamboo screw cap. We use sustainable vegetable based ink and each bottle holds a full pouch of 90 TrichoSMART supplements which are supplied in our plastic-free non-resealable pouches.

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Supplied: 1 x Reusable TrichoSMART® Glass Bottle
Capacity: 90 Capsules
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, keep out of sight and reach of young children. 


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Everything You Need To Know About 

TrichoSMART® Supplements

What is TrichoSMART?

TrichoSMART is a premium hair support supplement that contains more than 30 active ingredients to support your hair goals. It's made from high-quality, food-based, animal-free ingredients:

Key benefits

Contains 33 active ingredients
Palm oil-free
No fillers
No bulking agents
No preservatives
No artificial colours or flavourings
100% vegan
100% plastic-free recyclable pouch

Good for your hair; great for the environment

How is TrichoSMART different from other hair supplements?

TrichoSMART is much more than a hair supplement. It contains 33 active ingredients including vitamins and minerals including biotin, iodine, and iron, phytonutrients, amino acids and protein.

Plus, compared to other hair supplements, we sse AnaGain™ Nu a clinically proven and studied ingredient alongside our NutriFoll™ complex which contains 9 clinically studied ingredients.

Why should I choose TrichoSMART?

TrichoSMART supplements have been formulated by experts in the field of Trichology. They have been developed to support fuller thicker hair, strengthen thinning hair, and improve overall hair health by focusing on the daily factors that effect hair health. 

What do I get with my order?

If you are new to RE-NU-ME you will receive a FREE reusable glass bottle. Your free bottle will be automatically added to your order if you qualify. For more information see our terms and conditions.

Where is TrichoSMART made?

All RE-NU-ME supplements are made in a state-of-the-art FDA approved facility in the UK. All products are produced in accordance with rigorous food production regulations.

Product details

Shelf Life

The shelf life of TrichoSMART supplements is 36 months from production date, if your pouch is unopened and stored in a dry cool environment, away from direct sunlight. Don't worry about keeping track, there is a best before date printed on the pouch.

It's 6 months if your pouch has been opened and decanted into your reusable glass bottle. Just screw the cap and store in a dry, cool environment, away from direct sunlight and it'll keep for 6 months.

Packaging and Recyclability

The packaging of TrichoSMART supplements is plastic-free, widely recyclable and fully compostable

Order, Delivery, Returns, and Refunds

Delivery is FREE for all orders over £150. As we work quickly to pick and pack orders, we are unable to cancel your order once it's placed. However you can get a refund for any unopened packages. View our returns and refund policy

How do I manage my subscription?

Just log into your account to manage your subscription, here you can do a number of things including updating your details, skipping a delivery or cancelling your subscription. Follow our RE-NU-ME Subscription Guide for helpful steps.

How does the RE-NU-ME Refer-a-Friend Programme Work?

Every person you refer will save £10 on their first order over £60, and you'll get £10 off your next order over £60 too! We've created a How To Refer A Friend Guide to make it easy for you.

Are there any side effects?

TrichoSMART supplements are made from food-based ingredients and are 100% drug free. There are no clinically proven negative effects of taking our supplements. But as in all cases if you are concerned consult with your doctor prior to use.

Who can take TrichoSMART supplements?

Our supplements have been formulated for both men and women and due to the high potency of some of our ingredients we recommend the use of our products for people aged 18 and over.

Are my payment details secure?

Yes, our website is protected by a 250bit encryption meaning all your data is secure. All payments are processed by 3rd parties who operate PCI compliant and secure payment platforms so your details are always secure and hidden from us.

Can I take TrichoSMART while I am breastfeeding or pregnant?

No, we do not recommend the use of our products for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How long do I need to take the supplements for?

Consistency is key! For best results we recommend continued use, in most cases you can expect to see results anywhere around the 3 months period although results differ from person to person and are subject to exterior influences like diet, lifestyle and age.


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(2) AnaGain™ Nu

*AnaGain™ Nu is made from organic pea sprouts to stimulate specific signaling molecules in the dermal papilla cells which are required to initiate the growth of new hair. developed by Mibelle AG Biochemistry.

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What Makes TrichoSMART® 


Contributes To The Maintenance of Normal Hair

Selenium; Biotin; and Zinc contribute to the support of normal hair

Helps Protect Cells From Oxidative Stress

Riboflavin; Selenium; Zinc; Manganese and Vitamin C help to protect cells from oxidative stress

Helps Maintain Normal Hair Pigmentation

Copper contributes to the maintenance of normal hair pigmentation

AnaGain™ Nu is a natural anti-hair loss ingredient that is prepared from the shoots of the common pea (Pisum Sativum). It has been clinically demonstrated, to significantly decrease hair loss, maintain hair body, suppleness and sheen, intensely nourish and it helps to promote thicker and stronger hair within 60 days, helping to:

AnaGain™ Nu was developed using a bioassay-guided approach based on DNA microarray technology. It stimulates specific signaling molecules in the dermal papilla cells which are required to initiate the growth of new hair.

  • AnaGain™ Nu can decrease hair loss by 35% in 4 weeks

  • AnaGain™ Nu can decrease hair loss by 37% in 8 weeks

  • 86% of volunteers noticed a significant hair loss reduction

33 active nutrients

View a selection of our highly effective and focused ingredients to target some of the known concerns of hair. Each ingredient has been selected based on proven scientific benefits that have been demonstrated for hair. Some of these are:

Not all Hair Supplements are 

Created Equal

No food waste

Naturally long shelf life and sustainable ingredients.

Humane (vegan)

Natural food-based ingredients and contain no animal products.

Save money

Affordable products! Subscribe, refer your friends, and save.

Eco friendly

Our packaging is plastic-free from sustainable FSC certified sources.

33 active  ingredients

Essential vitamins & minerals

AnaGain™ Nu Anti-Hair loss

NutriFoll™ complex



TrichoSMART® is clean label developed meaning we suit a wide variety of consumer demands being derived from naturally sourced food-based ingredients and meeting a wide range of dietary requirements such as:

science based formulation

TrichoSMART® has been formulated to support fuller thicker hair, strengthen thinning hair, and improve hair appearance by focusing on the daily factors that affect your hair, these include:

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Made in UK


Here at RE-NU-ME®, every product is carefully manufactured in an FDA approved facility. We are wholeheartedly committed to making you look good, feel great no matter what the day throws at you. We want you to feel empowered and be rest assured that your goals are being targeted, so you can focus more time on creating unforgettable memories.

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