Welcome to the RE-NU-ME rewards program as a member of #TheRENUed family you can start earning points from when you first open an account. Points are awarded for completing actions like, following our social media accounts, liking or sharing our social posts, writing product reviews, uploading photos & videos and for things like, celebrating a birthday, purchasing products & referring friends, family & colleagues.

The points can then be used to either exchange for discounts like money off vouchers, free delivery &  free products. Open an account today and see how joining #TheRENUed is not only goof for your mind, body and soul! but also good for you pocket. For our full rewards T&C please click here

How To Join

To join the RE-NU-ME rewards program simply start by creating an account, this will kick start your account with 250 points. Once logged in you will see the RE-NU-ME Rewards tab in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, this provides the instructions and access to the different actions available for you to earn reward points, the more actions you complete, the points you earn, it's as simple as that. 

Earning Loyalty Reward Points

Earn points for different actions, and turn those points into awesome rewards!

Signup for an account

250 Points

Celebrate a birthday

50 Points

Make a purchase

10 Points per £1 spent

Follow on Instagram

50 Points

Like on Facebook

50 Points

Share on Facebook

50 Points

Follow on Twitter

50 Points

Share on Twitter

50 Points

Write a review

100 Points

Upload a photo

100 Points

Upload a video review

250 Points

Answer a question

50 Points

Redeeming Loyalty Reward Points

Your points can be redeemed once you reach a specific points value or they can be saved to reach a higher tier reward. You will receive periodic emails every time you complete an action updating you on the amount of points you have achieved and what levels you have achieved to redeem your points should you wish to.  The program is subject to our T&C more information can be found here

£5 off discount

1000 Points

£10 off discount

2000 Points

£25 off discount

5000 Points

£50 off discount

10000 Points

£100 off discount

20000 Points

Free product

10000 Points

Free delivery

1000 Points

Supplement Keyring

Coming soon!


Coming soon!


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Coming soon!


Give your friends, family or colleagues a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase. You get a £10 off coupon when they purchase any RE-NU-ME product and they get a £10 off coupon too. Simply login or create an account, go to your referral dashboard and share your discount link to start saving today. For more information click here



Use #TheRENUed in your RE-NU-ME photos for your chance to feature on our Instagram

Made in UK


Here at RE-NU-ME®, every product is carefully manufactured in an FDA approved facility. We are wholeheartedly committed to making you look good, feel great no matter what the day throws at you. We want you to feel empowered and be rest assured that your goals are being targeted, so you can focus more time on creating unforgettable memories.

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